Where does the name ‘Vlaamse Post’ come from?
We were looking for a name that would be a crystal-clear reflection of the company. For a provider of postal services in Flanders, this was the obvious choice.

Why choose yellow, black and white as the company colours?
With a name like Vlaamse Post… aren’t these colours a fairly obvious choice?  What’s more, they are cheerful, eye-catching colours that will function effectively on the streets, the future work terrain of the Vlaamse Post mail carriers.

Is Vlaamse Post a politically motivated initiative?
No. Vlaamse Post is a commercial company, independent of politics and intercommunity issues.  Several entrepreneurs have joined forces, convinced that they can offer a better alternative for the delivery of printed matter through the post.  Any erroneous or far-fetched assumptions based on the name are figments of the imaginations of those who choose to wrongly interpret it in this way.

Do the entrepreneurs behind the Vlaamse Post initiative have Flemish Nationalist sympathies? Are they ‘Flaminganten’?
No.  It is true that the entrepreneurs behind the initiative run companies which have been active for many years in Flanders.  But that is a geographical fact and is not indicative of their personal ideology.  Each of these companies is an experienced, solidly anchored, thriving business that would not take decisions based on political, linguistic or social boundaries or visions.

What about printed matter and pieces of mail addressed to destinations on the other side of the linguistic border?
In the initial phase, Vlaamse Post will provide the delivery of printed matter in Flanders.  The development will take place in stages. From September 2012 onwards, Vlaamse Post will already be able to offer its services in a large part of the province of Antwerp.  Gradually, other provinces will be added.

In the second phase, currently a yet-to-be realised ambition for the future, Vlaamse Post would like to expand its range of services to include delivery of ordinary addressed mail. Exactly how this will be organised in practical terms remains to be seen. In the Walloon region, Vlaamse Post will therefore be able to work through franchise holders, companies that have purchased a license from Vlaamse Post and which can use the organisation (software, database) and infrastructure of Vlaamse Post. Once Vlaamse Post becomes a full-service postal company, in other words, they will not stop with the delivery of mail at the so-called ‘linguistic border’.

When will Vlaamse Post begin operations?
In June 2012, Vlaamse Post already received extensive coverage in various newspapers and on the business channel Kanaal Z.  However the official launch is in September 2012.  That is when Vlaamse Post will be able to offer its services throughout a large part of the province of Antwerp.  Gradually, other provinces will be added to the operations.

Vlaamse Post is creating a completely new map of Flanders, letterbox by letterbox, street by street.  It is painstaking work that will result in 99% accuracy (!) in the delivery of printed matter, a major investment of time and money that will guarantee high-quality service to Vlaamse Post customers in the future.  In other words, it is more than worth the effort and the wait.

Are you interested in our range of services and prices?
Vlaamse Post will be officially up and running in September 2012, in the province of Antwerp.  Later, other provinces will gradually be added to our scope. At the time of the launch in September, Vlaamse Post will announce its range of services and prices.  Would you already like to find out what we have to offer, or are you curious about our services and rates?  Please contact us via  verkoop@vlaamsepost.be and we would be happy to tell you about our high-precision services and competitive prices.

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